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We use digital technologies to help you implement energy efficient solutions and take your building and operation to the next level

Our engineering team has many years of experience in BIM modelling, visualization, CFD-modeling and electricity modeling.

Our experts create an information model of the facility and integrate it with building management systems and analytics, which allows you to achieve perfect comfort, safety and sustainability for your building.
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We develop a comprehensive digital model for you

Digital Twin is a BIM model that contains real-time and historical data received from sensors located on a facility.

Digital Twin accurately reflects a physical object and allows to run simulations, study performance issues and generate possible improvements. This helps our customers to reduce construction time and costs, improve the energy efficiency of the facility and get additional benefits.

Digital Twin accurately reflects a physical object and allows to run simulations, study performance issues and generate possible improvements. This helps our customers to reduce construction time and costs, improve the energy efficiency of the facility and get additional benefits.

For all participants throughout the life cycle of the object
Reduced construction and operating costs
Potential reduction of CO2 emissions across life cycle
A single database
Up to 30%
up to 35%

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5 ways we can help you…

BIM model creation

BIM technologies significantly speed up the design and construction process.

It allows to foresee all the nuances at the design stage, determine the optimal technological solutions and eliminate collisions.

BIM model contains data of all design disciplines, including:

• Architecture and design

• Building structures

• MEP (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing)

• Building automation system

• Security systems & Fire Safety

We apply an individual approach to offer the customer best solutions for improving the project, based on client`s goals.

  • Interconnection

    Of all engineering systems of the building

  • up to 40%

    Higher accuracy of project documentation

  • 10%

    Reduction of construction time

Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling is performed on the basis of modern software tools that allow to calculate 40+ parameters of the electrical network, including harmonic distortion, heat generation, short circuit current, voltage drop and etc.

This allows to optimize your power supply system and correctly integrate renewable energy sources into the grid, thus reducing energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

  • 40+

    Network parameters calculation

  • up to 35%

    Less energy consumption

  • Predictive analytics

    Predict the future condition of equipment to plan maintenance and avoid downtime

CFD Modeling

CFD modeling is used to check engineering solutions, both designed and existing, for compliance with their functional task. It allows you to implement energy-efficient solutions and thus reduce operating costs.

The use of CFD modeling allows you to increase the service life of process equipment that is sensitive to temperature changes and reduce investment in ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.

  • 10%

    Less investment in HVAC systems

  • 15%

    Extend the service life of process equipment

  • 40%

    Improve occupant satisfaction

Integration with facility management systems

The effect of implementing BIM is not limited to the design phase, and can also provide many benefits during the operational phase.

Thus, the information model contains a maintenance schedule for engineering networks, information about the state of the building and the need for major repairs, the timing of meter verification, service life and replacement of equipment. All this data is available to the management company and helps to perform work at the facility faster and more efficiently.

Combining the BIM model with the field data allows you to get the most out of real-time analytics and forecasting. Make your data work for you!

  • 30%

    Less operating costs

  • 50%

    Higher service speed

  • Full visibility

    Of the facility energy performance andf operations

VR & AR solutions

VR & AR technologies can be effectively used in construction. With VR, developers can more accurately plan different aspects of a project, reduce costs, improve safety, speed up workflows, and simplify documentation.

With the help of AR glasses and helmets, it is possible to transfer information models directly to the construction site, which allows you to see the location of all the engineering systems of the facility and significantly reduce the likelihood of errors.

During the operation phase, VR opens up opportunities for effective training of maintenance personnel and reduces the time and cost of facility maintenance.

  • AR on site

    Allows to reduce construction errors

  • Income

    From additional services

  • Trainings

    For service personnel based on VR technologies

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Our approach

High standards
We set high standards of quality and safety at every stage of project development and management, bearing responsibility from design to operation of the facility. We work for the result, so you get more than you expect.
Green technologies
In all our activities, we pay great attention to environmental issues. We understand that the solutions implemented at the design stage will determine the energy efficiency of the future facility.
Corporate and social responsibility
We design socially significant facilities that will exist for a long time and will affect the economic, production and social performance of the region in which they are located.
Innovation and digitalization
We bring innovation, BIM technologies and artificial intelligence into the design, construction and operation of facilities to increase productivity.

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